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Wednesday, November 23, 2005 

Joke of the year

Ganguly pipped Zaheer Khan for a place in India's Test team because he was a batting allrounder! We will never know what forced Kiran More to say this - but it would have been bloody funny if it wasn't so tragic. More than anything else, it is definitely an insult to Indian cricket fans. Prem Panicker analyses why Ganguly kept stressing his bowling performances in the Duleep Trophy. So did Ganguly know beforehand that he would get the nod, and that the allrounder tag would be used to justify the decision? Ridiculous!
If I was Zaheer, I would be pissed. If anything he performed just as well in the Duleep games, and his attitude would have been easier to accomodate in the new-look team than Ganguly's.
It was apparent to most keen observers that Ganguly would be given another chance in the Tests, but to use such stupid reasoning simply sucks.

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