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Thursday, December 08, 2005 


Apologies for a long absence from these pages. Didn't get to watch too much cricket, and the cold here in the UK is getting to me. What better way to get rid of the cold weather than to watch some cricket Down Under? Sunny New Zealand is playing host to Aus-pak-africa. Seriously, what's with that stupid colour Aus are wearing? It is a mesh (horrible one) of their green-and-gold, the Pakistan green and South African colours! They look terrible (almost as bad as my attempt at humour!).

I just saw what the wonderful people at Fox Sports provided as highlights of 5 minutes (link here), but the stand-out moment for me from the 2nd ODI was Clarke's throw in the final over. The bowler Lewis had given up on the single and didn't bother to back up, but Pup Clarke's direct hit turned the game in his team's favour. Wonderful fielding under great pressure. Breathless Lee is at his beamer-throwing best again, and after devastating the Kiwis in game 1, and getting hammered in game 2, he has decided to go home for a nasal ailment. But I wish someone would rap him on the bum for his beamers. They are an absolute disgrace.

So Aus win another series, and are shaking the Ashes defeat away. England, on the other hand, are up against it! Not so easy being on top of the world eh?

Yeah, that throw was mindboggling...I was gutted to be honest, as I was backing the underdogs. What a game! And Mick Lewis - what a great last over on debut!

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