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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Bowl the last 3 balls, dammit!

One of the many rules in cricket that pisses me off kicks in when the bowling side takes a wicket in the last over of a session/end of day's play. Take today's match for instance. Bhajji was bowling beautifully, and with the Lankan backs to the wall, there were men around the bat. Bhajji bowled a straighter one/doosra (couldn't tell which) which took the outside edge and Rahul took a good low catch at slip. Wonderful dismissal - but they all troop off after that! Why can't the next batsman come out and play out the remaining three balls? Why penalise the bowler for getting a batsman out in the last over? Imagine the tension and activity that would happen in the last 3 balls - the pressure on the batsman, the bowler trying extra hard to get another one, the fielders on edge - isin't that what Test cricket is all about?
This also happened in the Ashes - I had written about it here - when Harmison bowled Clarke with that beauty of a slower ball, and then they all went away to the pavilion. I bet you that Lee who was scheduled to come in next would have shed bricks while facing the 2 remaining balls that evening.
Something for the ICC to consider - such drama moments are worth preserving.

I hadn't thought about that. A very good point, indeed.

Thanks - it does frustrate me greatly whenever it happens.

71 thousand people - the new ball takes Brett Lee, Ntini charging in to bowl the last over of the day....and they walked away!! Aggrrrhhh


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